What I Believe

People talk about wearing their heart on their sleeve. I think wearing your beliefs on your sleeve is more important… and understanding the difference between your beliefs and your identity is important too.

Declaring your truth can give you the courage to let go of how others receive it… you do not own their beliefs or reactions.

You may think it depletes you, and you may think you’re not strong enough, but stating your truth is like achieving a goal: striving for that goal is exhausting, but once you’ve accomplished it, you are filled with energy and a sense of freedom.

Until you own your beliefs, they are an ideal to live up to, not a declaration of who you are. And once you have declared yourself, you are free to become something new.

So, I am stating my beliefs here, now, for you to see:

I Believe…

  • In souls and in reincarnation, though I have never seen any proof and I’m afraid I won’t truly know until I die.

  • There is no good or bad, but I try to do “good” anyway, even if it doesn’t exist… I’m okay with this contradiction.

  • “God” is the sum of all the pieces of the Universe (or whatever the Universe is part of).

  • I am here for a reason, and even if I think I know what it is, that is only part of it.

  • In aliens and government conspiracies, and that I will never know the truth about either.

  • All things are constantly changing, and all things are connected.

  • Evolution and creationism are not adequate explanations for how we got here.

  • Religion causes more problems than it solves, but I wish I had the comfort of absolute faith sometimes. If I had to choose a religion, though, I would choose Taoism.

  • The Universe is more complex than I can ever hope to understand.

  • Quantum Physics and Metaphysics are different ways of describing the same things, and science and spirituality are crippled by ignoring each other.

  • I create every aspect of my reality, and the only thing keeping me from being able to fly is how hard I believe I can’t.

  • In fate AND free will, and I do not believe they are mutually exclusive.

  • ALL things are perspective, and no one else can tell me what my truth is.

own my beliefs, and in doing so they no longer own me. 


Create your own Belief Board

What beliefs do you have
that you normally wouldn’t tell others?

What is your declaration about yourself?

Tell us below…

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5 comments on “What I Believe

  1. “I’m suspicious of anyone who has a firm belief about anything.” ~Scott Adams

  2. I believe, if there is a God, that it is actually our collective unconscious working to create our reality.

    I believe that the physics of reality are what they are because our beliefs hold it in place.

    I believe that the way we live in modern society is so far removed from our evolutionary development that we are all stressed to the point of insanity.

    I believe that we are limited in our knowledge of reality by these bodies we live in – that no matter how much information we gather the true nature of the universe will escape us. In other words we will never understand everything.

    I believe in good and evil and that everyone has some of both.

    I believe in spirit beings and the spirit world.

    I believe the spirit of a person persists for a short period of time after death but do not know what happens in the long run.

    I believe there is no Heaven or Hell.

    • The reason you are here, your sole purpose in life, is a matter of personal preference.

      We can never know who we are because “who we are” is not some concrete constant. Nothing is fixed, thus there is no “YOU” to find.

      The bigger the human population grows and the more connected by technology we are, the more alone we become 😦

    Read More… http://thecompletehumanproject.com/my-beliefs/

  3. Great post Trevor.

    I believe that more people perish from fear than from any other disease.
    I believe that the inability to see the divine in every person we meet is the only thing keeping humankind from world peace.
    I believe that I’ve chosen to learn things the hard way…every time…and sometimes multiple times…and I’m ok with that.

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