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TheJourneyInward.com will be a website where you can connect with others and receive inspiration, encouragement & support around your personal growth. In order to create that website, we need to flesh out our support system for the groups and accountability partnerships, so people can get the most out of the website and what it will offer. So, we are offering ‘beta’ groups for people to sign up for NOW…

The purpose of these groups is to provide inspiration, encouragement and support around your personal growth. Your participation and feedback will also be critical in developing our online group support system.

What does it entail?

  • Weekly 1 hr conference calls during the month of June (multiple times will be available)

  • Use our online systems (like Google Calendar & Facebook) to schedule calls and track agreements

  • Provide feedback after each call (to help us refine our support system tools and processes)

  • Support a group member by becoming accountability partners (outside of group calls)

  • We will send you more details (and instructions), and will be available for ongoing support:

Join a group to help us launch our site by July 17th!

signupJoin A Group
(through VolunteerSpot)

If you are interested in participating or supporting us in other ways,
please visit TheJourneyInward.com

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