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More Than Me

Sweat-yWhen I first visited the More Than Me Academy, the kids swarmed over us: laughing, hugging us, holding our hands…

I made friends-for-life with an entire school of kids, it was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had!

More Than Me Academy

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There was a little girl who came up and sat on my knee and said, “Why are you so sweat-y?” I didn’t know how to answer her, of course, I just said “I sweat a lot…” so she reached up and started intently cleaning my face with her skirt. Then she brought other girls over and they used their hands and napkins, and it was embarrassing, and amazing at the same time! They didn’t care, they just wanted to help… then the little girl told me her dreams, and asked if I would come back and see her again (of course, I had to say yes!).

… It wasn’t until afterwards that I found out that all the girls at that school were former prostitutes (who had been sold into prostitution by their parents).

I never would have known.. they were the happiest, most normal children, with normal hopes and dreams (they wanted to be lawyers, teachers, and presidents!). It was the most rewarding experience to listen to their dreams and tell them that we believed in them, have them tell each other that they believed in each other, and then they told us that they believed in us too!

Every day they return home to the West Point slums where many of them live on the streets, and their biggest challenge is avoiding being raped. Despite all that, they are the most loving, open, and expressive children you will ever meet. They are now receiving support to go to school from donations given to MoreThanMe.org. Please help support these children in having the life they deserve, every one of them is precious and the world would not be the same without them.

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