Resources & Inspiration

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Books that have helped me on my journey

  • “Way of the Peaceful Warrior,” by Dan Millman
    I read this book when I was in Junior High, and it set me on my path. I highly recommend it to anyone who is on the journey of self-discovery and enlightenment.
  • “Illusions,” by Richard Bach
    This is the book that inspired me to write my book. His eloquence and willingness to look behind the curtains taught me to question everything and always look deeper inside myself for the answers, every day.
  • “Mister God, This Is Anna,” by ‘Fynn’
    The truth about science and religion, from the mouth of a 4-year-old. I truly love this book, as it reminds me that science and religion are both just different ways of saying the same thing.
  • “The Celestine Prophecy,” by James Redfield
    I love storybooks, and this book caught my imagination and allowed me to explore some esoteric ideas about how things work. This book teaches you about inter-connectedness, energy exchange, and living in the flow.
  • “Flatland,” by Edwin A. Abbott
    This book taught me about perspective, and the idea that there is so much more to this universe than we could imagine. If we can just step outside of our pre-conceived notions about now things are, who knows what we might become?
  • “Mutant Message Down Under,” by Marlo Morgan
    Mutant Message is a book about living in tune with your environment and yourself. It is about awareness, and survival, and transformation. It reminds me of the part of me that yearns for nature, and harmony, and presence.
  • “Ishmael,” by Daniel Quinn
    This book makes me think of everything that’s wrong with the historical idea of “Manifest Destiny.” It showed me what’s wrong with modern civilization, and sustainability, and that we are not the most important things in this universe. It opened my eyes.
  • “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus,” by John Gray
    This book taught me that men and women think differently–duh, right? Well, at the time, this was news to me. It showed me why my first long-term relationship didn’t really work out. Stephanie, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry!
  • “The Magician’s Way,” by William Whitecloud
    This book takes the ideas about the Law of Attraction from “Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting,” by Lynn Grabhorn, and puts them into a realistic context. Somewhat shocking and unpredictable, this book is a recent addition to my library that showed me how to manifest truly anything.